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Commission / Guidelines


In the last few years, I came across a lot of animal lovers, especially wild life animals. I painted my first orangutan in 2015 for the RAW Wild Life Asia and I've never stopped since. 

Send me a selection of photos of the animal ( internet photos are fine) and I will study them. As you probably know my work is about eyes, I need to click with the expression, the intensity I feel in the photo. If I don’t, I might do my own research and ask you to select the photo you prefer. Photos are only a base to start the work. 

If you want a pet portrait, same process, send me photos and we will start from there. 




90x60cm    $500 + optional custom frame $100

90x90cm    $600 + optional custom frame $110    

120x90cm     $850 + optional custom frame $150

240x120cm     $1600 + optional custom frame $200


Feeling like every colours if this paint
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