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Mad Hatter in Metal Frame

Mad Hatter in Metal Frame


Tankateo loves collecting stuff, it feeds her creative process. She is aiming to encourage recycling and give a second life to a large range of objets including canvases, frames, tin boxes, wooden furniture, old shelves etc...


This artwork is a part of her 2018 collection, 

Paper Print + Frame


The print is a reproduction of a Tankateo original artwork called 'Mad Hatter, Have I gone Mad?'Mixed Media on board 2016


The original painting pictured has been photographed or scanned depending on size for reproduction to ensure all the painting's intricacies are retained in the print. 


You can purchase this artwork online by adding to cart and following the payment prompts. We will be in touch within 3 working days to pick up for Perth customers.


Feel free to contact us at contact@tankateo for further info.

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