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Monsieur Loyal

Monsieur Loyal

500,00AU$ Prix original
350,00AU$Prix promotionnel

Original Artwork by Tankateo

Mixed media on board





Monsieur Loyal was supposed to be just an idea, he was a proposal for a mural at LaFabrik 2018 ( French Cultural Centre) but unfortunately he never got the job. I immediately fell for of him which means that I couldn't leave him behind. That's why I live painted him at 2019 Pura Vida Event down in Fremantle. He was born on that precise day. Monsieur Loyal is an unique piece with hanging decor around him, sparkles popping out into the frame. When you stand in front of him you can hear a circus approaching. One of my favourite character by far. He will remind you everyday that the show must go on. The story does not here. In November 2022, this character was reproduced on a giant scale 4x4m for a play at The Doplhin Theatre. 


It comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.


You can purchase this painting online by adding to cart and following the payment prompts. We will be in touch within 24h for pick up. We do not offer shipping for this item. 


Feel free to contact us at contact@tankateo for further info.



     We do not offer shipping option for this artwork. Tankateo's large pieces are generally awkward to pack and fragile. Organising shipping could involve more time than she wants to allocate to it. It's not on the cards at the moment. Thanks for your understanding.

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